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Another Angry Prayer

I Just Feel Anger

I just Feel Anger
Anger about greed
Anger about cruelty
Anger about those in power


But anger does not serve
It diminishes desperate fury
It clouds judgement
One is more free
Without it


And so…
I pray to be free
Free of burning red rage

Instead… I pray for clarity’s cool revelation 
Sunshine, sky and the pure water of wisdom
And with it a loving view of a serene landscape 


Make me free of anger so that I may be wise
And kind, patient and loving, and radiate
Joy, happiness and gentle detachment
And best of all – understanding
And so be free of anger


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We are all worrying… so much…

I have been giving a thought to ‘worrying’ in all its sadness and negativity. The problem with worrying is that it is highly infectious. We talk to each other and we worry about the climate, the economy, the war, Covid, the earthquake and the horribly inappropriate behaviour of those in power. So I’ve written a prayer about worrying…

Why Worry?

Why worry?
When you can pray?
… With calm

Why misuse imagination
When you can request?
… Ruffle-free

Right now
I pray for more love
More kindness
More compassion

What’s there not to pray for?
What’s there not to ask?
What indeed?

Intention is stronger
Than you and I
So pray…
And stop worrying

Make it happen soon
Make it good and kind

Change the song
Throw the switch
Do it now
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

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An Angry Prayer

Lots of us find it difficult to identify completely with any particular religion, even if we respect and love the religious practices of our friends and neighbours. There are few prayers outside the usual stuff that address everyday emotions. With this in mind I’m creating a website of prayers, in the language of the moment without reference to any particular religion. It will be called ‘Prayers for Everyone’ and I hope to have it up and running in a month or two. Here is a prayer about anger. I shall publish several of my angry prayers over the coming days. If they resonate with you, let me know… and let me know if you believe that we need prayers to help with anger… despair… environmental decline… earthquakes… war and all the concerns of the moment.

So Much to be Angry About

I pray
That I can look
At the wickedness
The cruelty
The greed
And the self-serving…
And not feel rage, pure rage

I pray
That I will come to know
That wickedness
Will give way to good.

That cruelty
Will be overwhelmed by compassion.
That the greedy
Will be satiated, shamed
and step back.

May those self-serving beings
Whose faces I see every evening
Framed in boxes of all sizes
Be put in their place…
And when all this happens…
When change comes
As it must do
I will no longer be angry
But give thanks
That my prayers
Came to be answered.

But right now
Embracing inevitable change
Let me experience
Calm… peace and understanding.

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