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Peace Comes to Mind

Sometimes meditation brings total connection with all things

Just as peace comes to mind
So love resides in the heart.
Just as calm meets the soul
So time diminishes.

Then grace fills the being
And the heart opens
Like a flower.

These are the moments
Of meeting with everything
Touching every sound
Hearing all colours
Drinking the music of forests
Hearing the song of the ocean,
The chattering of birds and beasts
An instant of love,
And Joy.

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To believe or not to believe… That’s the real question. Here’s ‘A Prayer in Honour of Eternity’. It is also to be found on my websites – Prayers for Everyone and Funeral Readings

Some say:
‘This is the end’
And think
‘I am coming to the end’
But there is no end

For eternity 
Is in the soul…
It is in the mind
The bones
The body
The heart

Others say
‘I know about the end’
They imagine
They understand

I only know
That any belief in the end 
Is an idea
A passing thought
Without beginning 
Or end

For eternity 
Is in the soul…
It is in the mind
The spirit

And because I see and feel
And hear and taste
And sometimes remember
And sometimes do not remember
I welcome mystery

For I am eternal
And I know eternity 
I have met eternity
I am without end

Best Baby Blessing

Here is a loving baby blessing without religious references.

You are
The best baby
The most beautiful
Best baby

You are
Usually joyful
Sometimes tearful
Occasionally fearful
Always delightful

Your smile
Is sunshine
Blooming and beaming
Laughing or screaming
Shining across a sea of smiles
You make me smile
You make us all smile

This blessing is for you
Best baby
It is our gift to you

Because you are the loveliest
We hold you in our arms
And smile
And our hearts
And smile
And bless you
And smile
And love you
Best baby

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