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Prayers for Peace… In Silence

The two wars that are raging close to home – the Ukrainian War and the Israeli-Palestinian War have left many people bereft. Both conflicts are heartbreaking. Tonight I will pray for peace with my prayer group. I have been asked to read this prayer, but I am also aware that when we pray together in silence something powerful and mysterious occurs that appears to transcend time itself.

My last two prayers both explore peace and silence in different ways.

Peace Prayer: October 2023

The loving peace of silence speaks to us
it reminds us of the cacophony of war
the endless thunder of bombardment
then silence
two faces of humanity

In the theatre of war 
silence heralds the quiet
before the shrieking storm

In the theatre of war
silence offers respite
or maybe curtains

you and I
stand in another place
we stare into the landscape
the ugly drama is remembered
the horror of conflict is distant
yet close to our beating hearts

we pray in silence 
asking for the conflict to end

Let us pray
in peace for peace
let us pray for the conflict to end
let us pray for understanding
let us pray for compassion
let us pray for love

You can find my peace prayers and others on the website Prayers For Everyone

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Another War… And Sorrow

Having lived through a number of wars in my lifetime, I have come to realise that holding views on the rights and wrongs of any conflict is almost pointless, unless one is directly involved in the war itself. And yet I find it impossible not to hold views. I like to think I understand what is right and what is wrong, but so many others think the same way, and it doesn’t heal conflict. Today the war in Israel involves members of our community, in this City, who will hold opposing views. For this reason I am hoping that if we hold a vigil, it may be possible to have a silent vigil, so that we may all share prayers of peace… just peace. This prayer is simply a peace prayer, that may be read, and felt and expressed in silence.

Silent Peace Prayer

We ask for peace
In silence
Though our hearts may be full

We pray for understanding
Acceptance, forgiveness
So that the conflict may end

There will be a day
When the scars of the past
Fade and disappear

Time offers insight
Insight unlocks compassion
Knowing this
We contemplate
The perfection of peace
So that all lives
May exist and flourish
In harmony

We ask for peace
In silence
Giving thanks

And though we pray in silence
Let our prayers be heard
By the forces of love…
Love beyond understanding

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