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Prayer for 2024

There are so many avenues
For prayer

Tree lined walks
Streets shattered by bombs
Secret pathways through the jungle

There are so many people
To pray for

Hungry children
The vulnerable

There are so many prayers
That must be spoken
And also thought about…

Prayers for our planet
Its air, earth, water, fire
Its species
Animals, life forms, humans, nature

This is a year
When prayers must be loud

Let us pray 
And then give thanks
Knowing that they will be heard
That loving positive change 
Will come in this year – 2024


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Christmas Blessing

Walk from the darkness of the longest night
Into the gift of shortest day
And let your heart radiate love

The snow on the hills
The wind from the North
The kiss of a snowflake on your cheek
The warmth of a fire
We remember them all

Ours myths and stories touch us
Carrying the memories of miracles
A flickering candle reminds us
That even when old…
We are young

Between the belief of children
And the disbelief of the material
Let us greet this season with love
Greet the darkness and light
The traditions, the music
Sorrow and laughter

We have entered the hour of compassion
Generosity and love
This is the moment when we see beauty
In nature, spirit, life and death
This is the moment when we open up to love

May we be blessed at Christmas
May all be blessed at Christmas

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Darkness… and Light

Waiting for darkness to lift – night to turn to day – winter to end – ones health to improve – imprisonment and a phase of sick governance to finish… there are so many moments of darkness that we long to be over… and eventually change happens. This prayer explores that movement of darkness to light, and offers thanks.

Quiet Descends

Quiet descends
A traveller moves
Through the hours of doom
The heart sinks
The spirit falters

Nothing is seen
Time is suspended
A gloomy void 

Yet in the darkest hour 
A liminal moment
A seed of light
A faint glimmer

A soul
Stands at the gate
Of life and death
Where the spirit flutters.

The journey
Is transformed

Light breaks the darkness
The sacred is revealed
One is held
In the light of love
And so we give thanks

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