A Weird Prayer of Thanks 


Who deserves thanks?
So… Why do I give thanks?
Is it useful to give thanks?
Is there anything to be thankful for?

Maybe if I step into somebody else’s shoes
It would be easier to be thankful…
I might be luckier, richer, more gorgeous
But then… Maybe if I stepped into another’s shoes
I might discover
I was poorer,
Sicker, a sucker, sadder

Right now, why thank?
OK, if I had to
I could
But why?

Here’s one wild reason to thank…
Pluck a memory 
Carefully selected
From the memory bank 
Pause… Enjoy that sweet recollection…
Make it lovely and lovelier

Smile and feel thankful
Or pretend
To be thankful 
For being able to smile
For having laughed… once or twice
In life
For being kind, once or twice in life
For worrying
And discovering that worrying generally
Is a unmitigated waste of time
A misuse of imagination
So, use your imagination
For something better, finer, lovelier
More beautiful…
And smile

I can smile
I know how to do it
I’ve done it before
I can snort (with hilarity)
I can laugh at myself smiling and snorting
Frivolously and inanely
I can appreciate I have a lousy sense of humour
I can appreciate myself
In all my glory… because
A lousy sense of humour –
might just be a terrific sense of humour

I can be kind to myself
I can be kind to somebody else
I can smile to myself
And I can smile about myself
I can stroke myself, like a cat
I can be sensible
I can be silly
I can be funny
I can be wise
And amidst all this stuff and guff
I can thank myself
And whoever made me

It’s time to try-out a token ‘thank you’
Offer some gentle appreciation
To you, me and the universe…
Go on… Gift yourself with gratitude

Thank you

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