Cosmic Hand Raising – As Demonstrated by Babies, Magicians and the odd Candle


If you wander into the world of Wikipedia and look up ‘Hand Raising’ you will learn about raising one’s hand, from waving and salutes to high-fives. Yet despite all this information, there is nothing about raising one’s hand to make a cosmic connection. There’s the mindless hand raising of a fascist salute, and there is the enthusiastic hand-raising (‘please miss’) in answer to a question in the class-room, but there is no reference to cosmic hand raising, the most powerful and mysterious gesture of all. 

The business of raising one’s hand to acknowledge the universe is fascinating. It shouldn’t be confused with waving. Waving is a personal and emotional gesture. I tend to recall waving to those I like and love at times when I thought I might never encounter them again. I remember travelling on a bus and calling my sister on the mobile to tell her I would be passing by, and being overjoyed to see her waving from the window of her flat in Sussex Square. When we die we apparently meet kindred spirits waving to greet us.

But the cosmic gesture is different. The cosmic gesture is a particular movement when one raises one’s hand vertically to make connection with all the implausibly massive mysterious power above, a connection with the glory of what lies beyond. It’s something to be used when we seek help from beyond. It’s not a widely acknowledged way to connect to spirit, and yet you only have to take a look at a pack of Tarot cards to know that magicians knew all about cosmic connection. The Magus is always portrayed as holding his hand upward, usually with a wand, making the connection with the above, and then making that link manifest here on earth, as he or she points to the earth below.. 

It seems so reasonable to assume that there is something in the cosmos that we can connect with, if we so wish. Personally, when I reach up to make a cosmic connection I start with intention. I’m aware of some kind of interesting feeling or tingling in my fingers or the palm of my hand, and when I ask for help, I invariably get some kind of response… in the form of change or improvement… sooner or later.

Think about it — making a connection with the beyond is hardly surprising. Our solar system sits on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is home to between 100 and 400 billion stars, many of them with planets. Not only is the Milky Way vast in itself, but the Hubble Telescope reveals that there is anything from another 100 billion Galaxies, like our own, and very likely twice this number, so if there aren’t a few compassionate beings prepared to connect with us when we we need help, guidance, peace or healing I would be very surprised. And if one thinks that time might be an impediment, one should appreciate there are simultaneous manifestations of Qi (energy) that operate outside of time, so don’t worry about light years, they are irrelevant in this case.

I reckon that subconsciously we all know about this connection with the cosmic. At our last Power of Eight prayer gathering, a candle decided to remind me of the power of such connections, and a day later an unexpected picture of my late sister, when she was a baby, also reminded me.

Making a Cosmic Connection is Natural

So if you are low, or pensive or uncertain, and don’t feel like praying or meditating, just throw your hand up in the air, and see if you can make a connection – in the form of an idea, a message or maybe just a feeling. It’s definitely worth trying. Someone, an angel, a loving presence or a wise spirit will empathise with you, and with luck, you may be able to feel the connection, and feel better as well.

A candle to remind us all – Just keep making the connections

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