The Power of Eight… Transcending Time and Space


A central figure in the explanation and support of complementary and alternative therapies and lifestyle, is Lynne McTaggart. She’s a journalist, author and director of the magazine ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ and she’s done important work on the power of intention. Her book The Intention Experiment reveals the relationship between humans and healing in all sorts of ways. She’s also the author of The Power of Eight, a book about using the energy created by small groups to heal each other and the world.

About a year ago, when my pancreatitis was really making me sit up and squeak, I contacted a friend, and she suggested that I tap into a ‘Power of Eight’ group. If you don’t know what a ‘Power of Eight Group’ is, just take a look at Lynne McTaggart’s website on the subject. She says:

When individuals in a group focus their intention together on a single target, a powerful collective dynamic emerges that can heal longstanding conditions, mend fractured relationships, lower violence and even rekindle life purpose. But the greatest untold truth of all is that group intention has a mirror effect, not only affecting the recipient but also reflecting back on the senders.

I didn’t know such a group operating locally, so I went about forming a Power of Eight gathering, which proved to be surprisingly easy, and fun. Some astonishingly gifted people agreed to participate, much to my delight. As the pandemic was at its height, it seemed sensible to use Zoom, and this made it all very easy. At first, we felt it might be an idea to meet once a fortnight or once every 10 days, just to give it a try, but with the passing of time we discovered that we enjoyed the meetings, and appreciated the impact they made on ourselves and other people; we witnessed positive changes and improvements. Now we meet weekly. The Eight, all good friends, have proven to be powerful and inspirational.

With the passing of time the group has acquired a life of its own, so that at times it seems to operate outside conventional time and space.

One of our number had already participated with another Power of Eight Group. In that case the group’s leader was very enthusiastic about following McTaggart’s book to the letter, and although this may be a good thing, it may have also demotivated some attendees. In our case, and with Zoom, the group has an informality, an openness and a humour that is literally, all of its own. Our meetings are both serious and humorous — equal, open and informal. We still have far to go, and much to learn, but our successes so far — nurturing and supporting the health of friends, relatives and ourselves are truly astonishing.

Last and by no means least is the matter of being aware of other groups of this kind, which are to be found possibly all over the world. It is hardly surprising that sometimes when we meet… and gradually open our minds to the problems of planet and people… we can sense connection with other groups, which is truly empowering.

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