Friendship Prayer


Some years back a good friend died and asked me to carry out her funeral. It was very much the service she wanted, and her presence was strongly felt. The music was pretty varied and included Carol King’s ‘You’ve Got a Friend’. When it played the entire congregation broke into song. Everyone knew the words so well. It was a powerful moment. In this way my friend’s faith in friendship was celebrated by everyone in that space.

Friendship is mystical and beautiful. Here is a prayer celebrating friendship… 

Friendship Prayer

May we bask
In the radiant warmth
Of friendship

May we bounce
On lightweight laughter
And be enthralled
By unexpected stories 
Swirling, shared
And exchanged

Illuminate us 
With luminous loyalty
Judgement free
So we may never fail
And never fall

Make us playful 
Polite, generous
Happy, sad, sorrowful
Joyfully sharing
This life journey

Let us share the mystery
Of loving kindness
That lies at the heart
Of true friendship

You can find this and many other prayers on the website – Prayers for Everyone

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