Peace Meditation – Making Miracles Happen


Every month we hold a guided meditation and visualisation session at the Cornerstone Centre in Hove (on the second Wednesday of the month) and tomorrow night it will be a peace meditation. We hold it between 7.15 pm and 9.15 pm, and if you would like to think of us meditating on peace, please join us in spirit.

imagesMeditation is a close cousin to prayer, it involves both focus and intention — particularly the kind of guided meditation we practise; it’s very special when a group of good and gentle people gather together using their higher selves to advance the cause of something beautiful, like peace. It seems like a small insignificant act when viewed against a massive national conflict, but like the butterfly effect, it does have meaning, and sooner or later… change happens. It’s just impossible to know when change will come, but it does. There is a moment when the forces of brute strength, misguided power and darkness begin to fade under the influence of the mysteriously beautiful wishes and will of good people… with loving intention. Hitler’s empire was built to last for a thousand years and existed for just 12. Who would have believed that the Berlin wall would have come down after 28 years… but it did. The Arab Israeli war in the Middle East seems impossible to heal, and it looks like the consequences of the military intervention of Bush and Blair in Iraq cannot be unpicked or reconciled… but one day… the suffering will end.

MountainThere are groups of people praying and meditating on peace the world over, from the mountaintops of the Himalayas to shacks, rooms, gardens and houses in Australia, the Americas, Europe and beyond. Each group exerts some form of cosmic influence, and sooner or later, those loving thoughts get through. Somebody somewhere will realise that they no longer want revenge, somebody else will turn away from killing and torture, and yet somebody else will renounce power, inexplicably and yet totally. It happens and it will happen. It merely requires that we wish for change and healing, and we share that wish and that intention, and sooner or later, change will follow. Miracles can and do happen.

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