The Shape of Change to Come


Change is organic. The I Ching – The Book of Changes – reveals this very elegantly. It shows how one situation, that may affect a nation, a town, a community or individual seems to be moving in a certain direction – when something unexpectedly turns up, that was completely overlooked. The I Ching is a book about change, and an oracle. UnknownFor example if it rains incessantly and water starts to build up against a dam, any one of a number of possible scenarios may evolve. The dam can be designed to cipher off the water at an unexpected rate, so no problem… or the dam can start to crack, but survive the water pressure… or it can burst into a thousand pieces, with catastrophic consequences. The I Ching allows us to look at a situation, including the element of mystical change that forms part of the matter, and predict the outcome.

I’m away for the European elections. I often do this when we have elections. I get somebody to vote for me, but I prefer not to be there. It’s like wanting to watch a favourite sportsperson or team play at a televised event, and running out of the room to avoid seeing what happens. The outcome of the European election alarms me. The idea that UKIP (with the help of the BBC) storms ahead, just fills me with dread. These are the moments when I feel alienated from the electorate and the leadership of this country, with its negativism, posturing and intolerance.

Yet despite my uncertainty about politics and some politicians particularly, my heart remains Greener than Green… So when I asked the I Ching which hexagram could predict the outcome of the European elections, the result appeared to be much better than I could have imagined… i_ching_53_chienHexagram 31 (meaning influence and conjoining) had two moving lines, and changed into the Hexagram 53, which means development, infiltrating… and gradual progress. Not bad at all.

I went to a simply stunning event on the night of the Eurovision Song Contest, and added to this was the unexpected delight of a dark, bearded lady winning the contest for Austria. To my mind Austria is the home of the Sound of Music, and I can’t forget that it’s also the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. I think he might be turning in his grave to see who represented Austria and how she spectacularly won the hearts and the ears of Europeans. Yippee!

We are moving towards the light… very slowly. I just hope that we sort ourselves out before the impending environmental catastrophe happens. If the dam does burst, I reckon that UKIP will be prepared… with a small pink sticking plaster.


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