Friends, the Sixth Sense and Total Connection


The SunOne of the interesting things about new technology is that far from undermining intuition and the sixth sense, it emphasises it. Depending on how attuned one is to spiritual connection, phones and mobile phones remind one that we are surrounded by machinery, but in reality one only has to think about somebody we know and love, and they are aware of that thought. Then we call them on the phone,  and they say “well that is so weird, I was just thinking of you.” But of course it isn’t weird at all.

People who suffer near death experiences (and are as good as dead) explain that they can read peoples’ thoughts, and this has been recorded so many times that one has to believe it. It seems that it is only in our human, material and physical state that we are made to believe that there isn’t a great connection between us. In reality the connection is total, but reality is not what it appears; this is the innate nature of life itself.

A beautiful experiment was done by Rupert Sheldrake who proved that dogs and cats knew when their owners were coming home from the office, just by planting TV cameras in the home, and timers. The moment when the owner of the pet decided to leave the office, the pet responded. We have lost this “sixth sense” connection, and we need to regain it.

Friends always prove to me that we are all connected, not just by the telephone connection, but by being. I have three good friends who are abroad, two in Italy and one in Spain. I don’t get to see any of them that often, but there is absolutely no problem about connection. Months may pass, with a phone chat here, a Skype session there, and when we do get together it’s evident that absolutely nothing has changed, we still hold each other in high regard, and enjoy each others company. One of the three I met in 1971. She was a very young copywriter in a publishing house, and I can recall to this day how she showed me the ropes, and the forms and filing that had to be done. I can even remember the name of the book; it was “Aspects of the Theory of Bounded Integral Operators in Lp- Spaces.” It was written by G.O.Okikiolu, and is now available from some sources for a mere $115.95. Personally it is not my kind of read, but I was very happy to write the book blurb and the publicity at the time. Yesterday, 42 years later, I rang my friend in Spain…she had tried to call me the day before, but although I had been thinking of her when she did, I was busy on the line, so we were a day out of synch, only not.

It is the knowledge that those people that are far away are as close to me as you are, reading this blog, which astonishes and intrigues. Everything is connected, and although in the living state it is difficult to be confident about this, because of our conditioning, because of who we are, and because of the way life unfolds, it is just the uncertainty and the ambiguity of all those things that teaches one to accept total connection… step by step.moony

The Internet has also done us massive favours underlining that distance is no object. Right now, I see that amongst the games I am due to play on “Words With Friends” is one with my lovely nephew… he is working this week in New Delhi as it happens, but we are still as close as if he was sitting next to me.

In the early hours of this morning a young friend of mine died, leaving three children and many members of her family bereft. I do not doubt that right now, she is discovering just how totally connected she and we are. No doubt you feel a great deal better now Alix. I salute and honour your astonishing bravery over the past year. You will know that we are all thinking of you, with love.

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