Blessing for Mum


If you come to Google ‘Blessing’ or ‘Prayer for Mum’ you could get a bit frustrated. All the so called prayers for Mum open with words like “Dear Lord,” “Jesus,” “Lord Today I Pray” “Dearest Saint Joseph” – one even opens – “God of Heaven’s Armies”. Amazing!

I understand those people who need traditional words to praise their mother, but I also feel we do not always need blokes to help us pray for a Mum. A mother is sacred in her own right, and special to you and me, without guidance from others.

Here is a blessing for Mum, and a selection of pictures of my Sister, my Mum and my Grandma – just some of my family’s mums in life. The prayer comes from the new website – Prayers for Everyone.

A Blessing for Mum

Is there anything
Like a Mum?
No way

Is there anyone
We would rather bless
No way

My Mum… our Mum
Is the mostest
The crème de la crème
The dream de la dream

Feeding us –
Caring for us –
Laughing at us –
Yelling at us –
Supporting us –
Ultimate top-notch Mum
Mother superior
In every way

Which is why
We bless her and love her
And feel close to her
In a zillion ways

She made us
What we are 

Thank you, Mum

My Mum
My Grandma, photographed over 100 years ago, with the twins – Gertrude (my mum) and Alfred. Wow! Time flies when you are having fun!

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