Interfaith Prayer


In anticipation of the forthcoming website – Prayers for Everyone – which is currently under development, I am writing prayers where there seem to be gaps… like interfaith prayers that don’t address any deity, but just celebrate joy in the ideas and ideals of the interfaith movement.

Interfaith Prayer

When people of different faith
Get together in peace
True peace
Unity and kindness…
Something occurs
Something good

An invisible force
A commonality
Carried on a wave of diversity
Honouring our different beliefs

It’s as if the invisible energies
Of miscellaneous angels
Move between those faiths
Reminding us
Of the similarities
Between us all

Explaining the power of love
The perfection of agreement
The exquisite nature 
Of harmonious understanding

And so together
We celebrate
Sacred peace
Sacred love
Harmony in diversity
And give thanks

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