The Inspiration of Sleep in Winter


Some do say that tucked away, in the further regions of our bodies lies the hibernation gene. It seems that with the onset of dark winter days, assaulted by cold and freezing temperatures, we may have the ability to wrap ourselves up and just sleep… for a very long time. I am confident we have that ability, because when I lie down at night I can accept changes in consciousness accompanied by the feeling that once, zillions of years ago, I slept through long, silent winters. And with that thought I drift off to the most bizarre and distant dreamlands, that are rarely recalled.

So what do we dream about? Distant lands of warmth and sunshine? Exotic palaces and landscapes with glorious mountains? Gardens of delight full of exquisite bird-song? Beaches fringed by bending palm trees? The human mind and spirit can travel far, and is a great deal more creative than we ever credit. Sometimes I’m certain that I’ve travelled the world and visited a thousand strange lands and places, if only I could tap into the memories of those journeys in spirit. The sleep of winter is quite different to that of other seasons, which is why I reckon we have the hibernation gene. 

One of my great joys are the white sheets and duvet that I have taken to use these days. Even if I can’t recall where my spirit roamed during the hours of sleep, I can rest amidst the bed’s own hills of white, reimagining the warmth beneath the snow-covered South Downs nearby, where dormice, rabbits, plants and numerous life forms sleep in peace waiting to be unlocked and freed by the glory of spring.

The Garden Snoozing under the Snow

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One Response to “The Inspiration of Sleep in Winter”

  1. Rikki says:

    Beautiful thoughts poetically expressed as always dear Ant, Happy New Year to you and yours, our duvet cover has tiny blue and red beach huts on it, I love nice bedlinen too ❤😘