A Prayer to Counter Environmental Degradation


The news that our seas and rivers are being totally contaminated by the detritus approved by a Government seeking to cut corners and award corporate greed is not to my liking. So I wrote this prayer:

We pray for the missing thought
The lost particle of caring
That must be found
And will be found…
Because we pray
With all our hearts…

We pray that this newfound particle of caring
Restores our air, our water, our earth,
Returning them to health
Our animals, fish, insects, plankton and people
So that it comes to be
Because we have prayed
With all our hearts, our minds and souls

We pray for an end to the power of the self-serving 
For connection, peace and healing in a ravaged land:
May kindness and the wisdom of nature prevail
So that in the light of life and love
We witness the return of trees and plants
Birds, fish and wild animals
That come to be
In this place and beyond
Because we have prayed… then and now
With all our hearts, our minds and souls

And we offer up thanks,
Together and together
Knowing that our prayers will be answered

The garden of light and love

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