Funeral Reading About Laughter


One of the things that we miss most of all when somebody dies is sharing a really good laugh with them. After my sister died I recalled all sorts of crazy fun we had… from her climbing into a dress in a shop changing-room and getting stuck in it, to making me put on her giant hat in a funeral, so that it fell over my eyes, making me look like a mushroom. Thinking about the laughter we shared I wrote this, which has now become one of the most frequently used  funeral readings. Here it is:

We Will Laugh Again

It seems to me
That sometime
We will meet again
If only to share

It seems to me
That once more
We must do
Funny stuff
Silly stories shared
Whispering, lisping

We need to giggle
At the wrong moments
Parties, wakes and funerals
People dressed up weird
Hats too big
Clothes too small
And laugh out loud
Quite unexpectedly
In moments
That should be silent

We need to meet again
And smile
At silly things

The memories
Of our laughter
Make me cry
Yet this I know
That laughter
Good and strong
Its echo and its power
Doesn’t die away
And that is why
I know that
We will meet again
So we can share
Real laughter

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One Response to “Funeral Reading About Laughter”

  1. Rikki says:

    What a lovely,poignant memoir poem, not surprised it is often spoken, l miss having giggles with my Mum, she had a very naughty but proper sense of humour, helpless with laughing until you cry is a profound thing. Big Love to you xxx