The Return of Your Distracted Blogger


Wow, welcome to the Antbeat blog after a silence of 16 months. I do so hope that you are still there!

Just wanted to let you know… I wasn’t just sitting around snoring my way through the Pandemic, like your friend’s aged cat, I was blogging elsewhere every week, writing a novel, The Artist and the Fool, and working on the Memorial Service for the people of Brighton & Hove that died of Covid in our City – The Day of Compassion. It has been a strange, sad and busy time… well you know so well.

But today the sun is shining. We have extraordinary news. Now we know… Despite the terrible impact and circumstance of the pandemic we appear to have a government that has been partying in a haze of happy disinterest while the rest of us did as we were told. Also we have several princes that seem hell bent on rubbishing whatever reputation the UK Royal family might once have had. Maybe out institutions need the slightest overhaul… from the House of Commons and beyond. A bit more democracy would not go amiss.

So back to blogging, and even if I am 16 days late, here is a blessing for our City for the New Year. Blessings and Happy New Year to us all! Thank you for being there!


Light a candle tonight
And join me on the bandstand at midnight
We’ll feel the chill of winter’s wind
And stay warm
Peer into the darkness
And meet an unexpected peace
… quiet but for the roaring sea
And the howling winds
Empty save for the spirits
… the wandering dreamers

The clock strikes midnight

Come walk with me
Give us a new page
In the history of our merry city
And bless us
Strong and weak
Young and old
Near and far

The dwellers
Sleek and meek
The street sleepers

Let’s burst open
In a shower
Of optimistic celebration
And feel the sacred kiss of hope
At the gateway of a New Year

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