Howdy Doody my funeral website is now live


A month ago I mentioned that my funeral readings website was nearing completion, so if you have been sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting and worrying about what has happened to it, please feel free to take a break and have a cup of tea because is now live, with nearly 100 readings. Although it hasn’t been announced to the world, because of interruptions, unexpected visitors, cleaning teeth, stroking cats, holidays and work, it does exist, and the readings, thanks to the brilliant Meerkats – web development and hosting wizards – have made it all possible, turning what started out as an idea and some words and PDFs into a working, living website, which is actually being used and being useful… even though not all that many people as yet know about it.

The last reading to go into it is called The West Wind. It is dedicated to a dear friend who departed this world around 20 years back. I didn’t print it here because I have not yet mastered the formatting on this page…

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